Monday, February 9, 2009

Unloading: Bikes

The HFL guys were (justifiably) tearing shreds into the Victory Core for it's claims to be a "performance cruiser" despite it's lack of rear suspension, and the boasts about break-through technology which is in fact centuries old. The criticisms are certainly justified, but it's a factory concept: it's primary function is to create noise in the press and the public and it's doing that quite well. Plus I happen to think it looks pretty good (if not performance orientated or ground-breaking).
via HFL (the comments make an interesting read too)

Check out the tyres relative to the terrain, nice effort BP

Love the parts selection, 6 pot rear caliper.

The Sachs Beast, one of my favourite concept bikes
Rocket Garage

Stunning Knuckle.
Nostalgia on wheels

I you can look past the foreground check out the tins on the shelving

Everything about the bike is spot on!
Ze Last Chance Garage

An interesting mix of styles, plus check out the blower!
Otto Nero

Of course the builders of some of the most stylish but low budget bikes have an HQ that mirrors this ethos
Wrench Monkees

BMX parts look perfect, been years since I've seen triple traps

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