Tuesday, March 17, 2009

DLRA Speed Trials 2009

I spent the last week out on Lake Gairdner helping my father run the streamliner he's been building for many years. It is still far from complete but I think he was pretty happy just to get a couple of runs on the salt under his belt (about 40mm under his belt come to think of it).

Here are a few of the pics I took:

First a couple of the liner:

This GT750 based effort was one of the most interesting vehicles out there, the builder/rider had taken it out to 1000cc and around 200hp by casting his own barrels and extensive work on the crankcases, porting, and head. Was limited by his nerves to somewhere around 190mph (still waiting for the official times to be posted)

Loved this little turbo 800cc Susuki, it didn't run this year, but in previous years the owner had driven it's very similar predecessor the 2000kms down from Queensland with the race engine where the passenger seat would be, swap engines, run and reverse the process for the return trip. Hardcore!

There is more info on the DLRA site

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DoubleOhTwo said...

What crazy crazy awesome pics, Dan! Love that 750... Well done to you and your dad. Great stuff!