Thursday, May 21, 2009

The First Step into the Abyss

I picked up this unidentified ebay bargain a few days ago.

A few small changes and it's on the road, i like the grey, the pink, and the white, but i can't abide by the fade: race tape to the rescue! Running as it is for the moment to figure out what ratio I want to run and decide on bars, then it's time to tear it down, tidy the unneeded bosses, paint it and convert it to single speed.

Perfect day for a spin to the beach.


DoubleOhTwo said...

Nice one, Dan, well done! Good score! Let me know if I can help with any tech issues or sourcing parts. Love that sort of thing. What a great shot of the beach, too.

Dan said...

Cheers mate, i'll keep the offer in mind.
The biggest change to get used to is going to be the riding position: very different from the SP1!