Thursday, July 2, 2009

Scooby Theory

I'd had this musing about the real motivations behind Scooby and his cohorts by a long lost friend floating around on my desktop for too long, and it was time to clean up. It was too good not to see the light of day though:

".... the Scooby Doo show was all centred on drugs and sexual tension. Firstly... Scooby snacks were obviously E's, Scooby would beg for one like a junkie, then have one and go completely nuts, with big wide eyes and his jaw going crazy.. Shaggy was a pot head from way back, Scrappy was a meth addict.. which explained his erratic, paranoid behaviour... I think Daphne was a lush but no real evidence of that..just a hunch. Then there was this messed up sexual triangle between Fred, Daphne and Velma... Velma had the hots for Fred but Fred was shagging Daphne... teaching kids that the frumpy ugly girl doesn't get the guy... and I do also think that the aforementioned E and pot mix may have led to some hanky panky in the van between Shags and Scooby." -Nicole '09


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