Saturday, August 15, 2009

American Jesus Punk in Drublic


NOFX and Bad Religion are coming out again next month and it's gearing up to be a cracking gig as usual. The description from the ticketing agent sums it up better then I could hope to:

"Remember Christmas time when you were a kid. The extended family in your backyard, BBQs and drunken adults? You loved seeing your slightly strange uncle. The one with the piercing and the tattoo of the stoned tuna. He was different to your Dad, mysterious, exciting, a little dangerous. Well, imagine if there wasn just one uncle, but two of them, and instead of Christmas it was the Thebby. And instead of this entire laboured metaphor, it was NOFX & BAD RELIGION! The two slightly weird uncles of punk, or punkles, coming to our backyard, together! NOFX and Bad Religion. Sharing a stage. We e talking political and socially aware diatribes wrapped up in tight-as-@*#@ punk rock. They e older than you, and they rock a lot harder than you ever will. Kind of like your drunk uncle"


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