Thursday, September 2, 2010

Falcon Motorcycles Kestral

I may be away from motorcycle ownership for the time-being, (well, that's not entirely true, I still own them both but they are a few thousand km's away) but I still try to stay in touch with the scene from time to time. However enthusiasm is easy to let slip when I have no immediate prospect of riding* but this video quickly brought back a large slice of that.
The scene, the sounds and the details all just make me long for riding and wrenching.
The bike is the Falcon Motorcycles Kestrel, that I posted about on another blog I write for occasionally**, it's a genuine work of art. Please, for your own sake, head over to their site and spend a few minutes checking out the details and story of the Kestrel, I promise you'll be inspired!

*I did find a nice and complete yet neglected Le Mans 850 the other day, I took the details for when I get some income sorted here....
**yeah, I know, blatant plug

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