Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cold and White

Riding in the snow is a new experience for me, in fact I have only a little [distance] experience with the snow in general. But it is an experience that I must embrace if I am to continue my life here in Berlin [granted the public transport is great but I prefer to ride].

We had our first real snow fall last week and it did force me in to a train in the morning as 1.5" slicks do not make good snow tyres. That is until I learnt about the zip-tie snow modifications. After that I was rolling and sliding my way around the city, I kept catching myself laughing out-loud between cautious moments where are all my concentration was focused on not falling under a passing truck. Great fun!

While it does look ridiculous, it does also work surprisingly well. Now that the roads are ploughed and salted grip levels are generally only a little less than a rainy day I have taken them off as they make turning a little treacherous when not in the snow. Also the cold makes the ties very brittle so I had already lost many of them, but next time the snow falls I will be putting them on again!

Obviously don't try it if you have rim brakes! This is the better option if you have the money to spend:

via Fahrtwind, Dutch Bike Co and Poloholica also thanks to Styleserver for the ties and the warm place to install them.


User.One said...

Good fab skills there fella. So du bisst ein Berliner now then?

Dan said...

I wouldn't insult your fab skills by regarding this as fab, this is merely jerry-rigging!
Nein, noch nicht. Aber ich versuche