Friday, June 20, 2008

Work Links

I was working at the bike shop the other day, all was slow and quiet which allowed plenty of internet catch up time, until the last two hours that is. That meant that I had a dozen or so tabs on various subjects open to be sorted through, read or saved. I saved the links for future reading and they seemed like a good topic for a (long) post.

Architectural inspiration at Dwell:

Freshjive controversy on The Hundreds:

potential book shelf on ffffound:

An interesting but structurally suspect bicycle concept at designboom:

Canoe storage at designboom:

99k housing. designboom:

An interesting automotive graphics concept from infectious:

angular desk system on yanko design

Semigood stool on core77:

A guy with a moustache and a cool bike. arkitip:

kids getting high. yanko design:

The art work of Motomichi Nakamure via Speedhunters:

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