Thursday, April 23, 2009

BMX Plus

BCM, a great chop blog with an interest in dirt riding, posted last week about serious injuries sustained by Alan Foster, one of the guys I looked up to back in the day when I was racing. While any injury is bad news, the real reason the post stood out was due to the BMX Plus cover he accompanied it with.
It really brought back memories of an era of my life I remember very fondly, I'd grab that magazine every month and spend way too much time virtually building my dream bike with all the mail order ads, pour over all the action shots and read everything looking for tips. I even had the UGP plate AF is sporting in the cover.
I still have my Boss Primetime from those days but I'm just about to offer the pile of BMX Plus and Ride to the fate of Ebay. Maybe I'll just hang on to one...

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