Friday, April 10, 2009

Leather Lust

I've been casually looking for a new jacket for a while now, it got a little more urgent yesterday when I noticed that the zip on my existing Dainese has started to fail.
I finally found one I want! Water proof, breathable, stylish, quality, safe, it ticks all the boxes, just a pity about the US$999 price! In the mean time I think I'll look more into this one from Aerostich.

Dainese via Hell For Leather

(Included in the comments on HFL is this pearler from "I'm not fat, my font is just bold")


Chris H said...

Hmmm, the Aero is gorgeous but $797! Ouch. Dririder for me ...

Dan said...

did you see the back of the Aero jacket? HUGE reflective stripe! Great for safety, not so much for style! The hunt is still on