Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Road Trip #2 Melbourne

It was a characteristically wet welcome to Melbourne but thankfully it was the only drenching I suffered this trip. Anyone who has ridden in wet jeans can attest to the joy of chaffed knees experienced on that 20km leg. My improvised cardboard mudguards were worth every cent, never leave home without a leatherman and cable ties!

One of my first stops was to visit Sasha at Pony Bikes, she's got some really nice bikes and gear in there. Thanks for the whisky girls, it really helped on the cold night! On the recommendation of Bridie a few days later I wandered along to the Industria showroom. Walking around that room is like exploring a curated version of my grandmothers old house and garage: full of curiosities and inspiration.

Sunday brought around the events that prompted the visit to the city, the Fyxomatosis swap meet, and the Melbourne Design Market. There were a range of interesting and tempting parts and objects at both events, luckily the thought of having to carry any purchases on my back to the airport tempered any inclination to splurge on frames or furniture.

A blurry Conti for Ohoh2

I spent a couple of hours wandering around the National Gallery, I was there with another designer so in typical fashion we spent as much time looking at the exhibition space as the exhibits.

An early GS, complete with Guatemalan registration.

Some of the ex-Adelaideians, great to catch up and shoot the shit lads. What you can't see here is a selection of parts from the swap meet swaying in the breeze attached to my bag.

*(trying something different with image uploading, you may have to click the image to see the full size, possibly with captions)

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