Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Road trip #3 home again

It was a great trip, the only casualties were 2 spokes, 1 tyre, 1 trashed T-shirt, bottom bracket bearings, and my week old, second hand laptop. It's had to describe the sense of freedom and independence afforded by riding into and out of the airports, no shuttle buses or taxis, just a bag, a bike, some directions and a destination. I highly recommend it as a way to travel, and without doubt the best way to see a city.

-wedding gift for the couple with everything

Cheers to the hoards of brilliant people I met who helped me out and showed me a good time, and of course a special thanks has to go to all those who put me up on their couch or floor: Gav, Adam, Meryam, Thom, Rob, Ray and Elli, I really appreciate it and hope you'll let me return the favour!

Now I'm just left to plan the next trip.

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