Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Andreas Jakwerth Photography

Not sure if it's purely down to the skills of a brilliant photographer, or the eye of someone seeing such foreign sights, but I got linked onto Andreas Jakwerth's photography site via Fyxomatosis and was just amazed at the photos on there. They really capture the beauty of the locations.


Punk said...

any idea where they are? The first looks like Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra.

Dan said...

He's not left an exact location, but somewhere in the Snowys, Tallangatta Valley maybe.

Andreas Jakwerth said...

ha, thanks for the little feature :)
found it by accident (okay, i googled myself!)!
the first and the last one have been shot in tallangatta valley!
the second one near sale and the third at kings canyon!

australia is the bestest :)

cheers, andi

Dan said...

Hey Andi!

As I said in the post, you take some great shots! Loved the portraits too.

You're right Australia rocks, and I'm glad any time I get to see another angle of it through someone else's eyes/lens.