Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Deus V-Twin Cafe

Those lads with the magic touch over at Deus have done it again, this time with a late HD base. So many aspects of this bike are just spot on like the front guard, lights, bars, and the air cleaner is a perfect example of using what it there, just adding some minor touches and coming out way in front.

It's a pity about the rear though, it just needs more of an arse! I'm the last guy around that will be talking about building to the "rules" of a catagory as a positive thing, but in this case a traditional "cafe" tail, or a longer seat, more of the guard, hell, even just mounting the number plate of the end would have helped it. Still, it shows that you don't need to get too extravagant to build something very impressive!

Deus Ex Machina


Chris said...

Too bad that company is so expensive in all the things they sell.
But impressive bikes

Dan said...

from a customer perspective it's true they aren't cheap, but they don't really seem to be too far above average market price, and they are usually quality kit.
From a business perspective, they are in the lucky position that they can essentially set the price they see fit. Lucky, is an unfair description, it's all done to hard work, good product, exceptional marketing, and talented people behind it all.

mark kelley said...

I feel the back end of the ride is unfinished and a sloppy for deus standards. i think they do some great work, great design aesthetic