Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Reader Submission: Tilt Shift Time Lapse

My mate, the Dutchdingo, sent me this video by Keith Loutit, it features the familiar tilt shift technique but adds some time lapse to the recipe to great effect.
Endure the terrible sound track if you can, it does add to the effect.


Gerard Koeleman said...

Glad you enjoyed it enough to post! Yeah the music's a little cliche, but goes well. The one he did of the Sydney Mardi Gras is worth watching too.

Ouistiti said...

Nice...but have you seen local guy Nick Graalman's work?

Dan said...

G:There was some really cool sections in there. As you would have noticed if you've gone through many pages: it doesn't take too much to get posted on here!

D:I hadn't seen Nick's work, I watched the reel on his site, nice work but it's a little too.... um..... pretty, for my tastes.