Friday, May 28, 2010

Reader Survey

Flat or gloss? This is the dilemma I face, should I leave it in base coat or put some gloss on it. It's a very dark metallic silver and I had intended to leave it flat but now I'm second guessing myself for resale reasons, however that's just making more work for myself. What do you think?

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Anders said...

Difficult one. No question it would look great with matt finish, but I understand your concern. Have you restored the whole car or is it just a paintjob? I'd anyway vote for a matt finish.

(Compliments on choice of car. True grandma-chic!)

Chris said...

gloss, flat is so 2009 ;)

Fix Without Dix said...

FLAT! Like a carpenters dream: Flat as a Board and never been nailed

Gerard Koeleman said...

Flat & Stealthy. Finish with a clear coat for protection? Dunno if that'll make it too glossy.. check out some of the latest Triumphs for that sort of finish.

Dan said...

A: mainly just the paint, did a little welding and some bogging over the whole thing.
Bought the merc as a self-congratulation when i got my first design job, still love the idea of it, but it needs to go.

C:yeah you're right, on the global scheme of things, but i suspect it's still a new thing on the street here. The goal it to sell it some some kid who wants a cool and different car, rather than someone after a nice merc.

S: Always the master of imagery

G: The clear would provide the gloss, but not worried about protection, the grey is a top coat, not a primer so it'll hold up, might get scuffed though.

User.One said...

Satin clear that bad boy. I do loves a W123.
I do warn you though, laying down the satin clear will be an absolute bastard as you can't cut back any mistakes.