Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Death Spray Customs

I started writing some garb about the variety of work coming out of DSC but just check out these images from some of my favourite recent projects, they speak for themselves.

Rad bike inspired by the classic Akira steed.

Paint inspired by the bark of a Birch tree, the contrasting underside of the stays is a stroke of genius.

On a different note, check out this fascinating video I also found over there, it reminded me to make sure I stock up on memory cards and start taking some more footage:

Death Spray Customs, also via Double Oh Two


Gerard Koeleman said...

The BBC Attenborough series 'Planet Earth' was filmed using that technology - gobsmacking long ultra zoom stability. No doubt it will find its way into consumer cameras at some stage.

Dan said...

The bit with the moose is just incredible! I badly want to check out that hardware.

Chris said...

I like the tree bike so much!!!

Dan said...

yeah it's so cleverly done! Nice and subtle

Sideburn Magazine said...

Holy sh*t, how much money is there in selling snowboard DVDs?

Dan said...

Ample evidently