Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Places to Visit: USA

As I have mentioned in a couple of previous posts, I'm currently planning a trip across the USA. This is my most recent reason for lack of posts on here: I've been scalp deep in working toward leaving, I still have a LOT to do but departure is looming fast, in fact it's about 54hours from now!

This is roughly where I'm planning on heading, but I'd love to here any suggestions of destinations along the way, and of course friendly couches are always welcome!

The US stint is just the start of a more broad adventure: after I make it over to NYC I'll be flying straight to Berlin to play in the Polo worlds with my team: ACME [Adelaide City Mallet Exchange] and I just got my hands on a German work visa so I'll be looking for work there.

Just a quick post before hitting the sack, still lots to do!


User.One said...

Can't say much about the states apart from don't have a 99c bloody mary breakfast, and if you end up in the UK, give me a shout

Dan said...

No bloody mary breakfast, check.
Last time I was over there I was mostly on the east so I'm doing some different areas this time, don't think I'll get to Bonneville though. Sorry to hear about your cat BTW.
I hope to get over your way while I'm in that part of the world but no plans yet.

mark kelley said...

Ok so th drive along the California coast is very nice but will be a long drive for the route you are taking. Very Similar to the southern eastern coast of Australia. Look up Rabers in San Jose, specializing in triumphs also i would check out garage company in LA. Oakland is cool but you should try and make it to SF, Great city and my home. try to set aside a day near sacramento to go swimming in the nearby rivers. they might still be pretty cold though. Also try to eat In-n-out burger at least once in California

Chris said...

quite jealous, have a ball!

norcalbarney said...

If you've got the time, I'd recommend taking the 1 instead of 101. 101 is mostly hot, dry farmland, while the 1 is twistys through redwood trees.

I also recommend two wheels if you can. : )

Dan said...

Mark: all points noted. Mainly heading to O-town to see friend but don't worry I am DEFINITELY heading to SF, only had about 36 hours there last time so itching to get back.

Norcalarney: I'll look at that. I'd love to do two wheels but since I'll already have 2 on my bicycle I need to find space for them! plus a portable bed is too tempting now.