Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I just noticed that it's been two weeks since I posted on Flailings, sorry folks but it's been a little hectic in these parts!
Here are a couple of cool quickies to tide you over for a little longer (or make me feel better about neglecting this):

Very cool little bicycle sidecar from Muslauf

Lazertits, nothing more to say, just check it out

Slim's Street Sweeper

Remember that I'm still occasionally flicking images on to Flosculation, just because it's all so easy on there. If you see anything interesting click the image as they usually have a link to the source for more randomness.


User.One said...

Lazertits is the reason for the internet, thank you.

Dan said...

pleasure to be of assistance!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

ha ha that side car bicycle is rad.