Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wanted: MK1 Lotus Cortina

I'm on the hunt for one of the original giant killers: a Mk 1 Lotus Cortina. I'm scouring the country to find a suitable example of this little classic and the only viable candidates thus far had been snapped up before I'd found them. It must be genuine and traceable, white/green, original condition (restored is ok), RHD, and preferably an early aluminium panel, A-framed version.
Yes, I'm serious, I do know what they are worth and I'm willing to consider importing one if necessary.



tristanp said...

they pop up every once in a while on trademe in new zealand
a recent example 45k in nzd is roughly 31k usd

Dan said...

I think that one was mentioned to me, the relatively low price was evidently indicative of its rough condition I'm told.
Going by it's description it could have been a contender though.