Thursday, October 29, 2009

Port Ride

port ride 3

We had a huge turnout for Tuesdays ride, I think the head count reached around 22 at one point.

port ride 1

port ride 2
*legal disclaimer: the gate was open, we just felt like a challenge

port ride 4

port ride 6

We found ourselves among the wool stores at the port, where the trick kids did tricks, the sprinters had a flex, and those bent on tyre destruction took part in a couple of impromptu skid competitions. The 5.0 rolled up while this was going on, basically said the universal call of "do a skid" and left us to it. Occasionally you get a good one.

port ride 5


Ouistiti said...

Dan, are these Tuesday night rides open to anyone? How does one get involved with this crew of hipster bike riders?

Dan said...

Hey stranger! Yeah Tuesday Fixed is open to anyone, expect a little ribbing if you ride 'free' though, I did for quite a while when I rode the roady in my pre-fix days. All good natured though.
I wouldn't say it's a fast ride, but we keep a moderate clip.
We meet at the Exeter @6 most Tuesdays and roll out around 630ish.
Come along!

Ouistiti said...

Cool, cool.
Yes, I have spotted you there on a few Tuesdays and have wanted to ask you about it. Perhaps I'll join you next Tuesday instead of drinking too much beer ;) [explain riding 'free' to me...not quite acquainted with bike speak yet]

Dan said...

You've spotted and not come for a chat?! I/we don't bite, come say hi!
By "free" I meant free-wheel, as opposed to fixed gear, so as it's 'Tuesday Fixed' there tends to be a little light-hearted elitism.
We have found that its not for everyone though, as far as pace and route go, but come along for a chat and a roll to see what you think.

Anonymous said...

hahaha i climbed over then lifted two bikes over that gate only to have it swing open when my mate was mounting it. we still felt dangerous though...

Dan said...

Hey anon, you were living on the fringes of society, ya hoodlum!

You've peaked my curiosity: you read/view my ramblings and you know the local terrain.... do I know you at all?

Anonymous said...

yeah i'm bill met you at polo a few times i like your blog

Dan said...

Hey bill, you'll have to come out to polo again so I can put a name to a face again.
We're going to start playing wednesday nights and currently have a few possible locations scouted out. Meeting this week at dumpling king at 630 if you're keen.