Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pursuit of Helios- Recap

[ohoh2 beat me to posting my own photos!]

Here are a few shots from the Wheaty at the end of the run . I was hoping to get some footage during the race but there's no time for that when dodging buses, pedestrians and fellow riders!

[That's Rick's winning bike against the pole, I can't remember what it was, but I loved it, so tight!]

[The man in charge doing the all important checkpoint check]

That was my first alleycat, and I loved it! Huge thanks to Jamie for organising it, all the checkpoint volunteers, and all the sponsors for supporting this group of delinquents.

[Rick with his loot]

Oh yeah, I got third! Chuffed with that!


DoubleOhTwo said...

Whoops! Sorry bro! Obviously a quiet day at work for me yesterday!

Dan said...

No need to be sorry man, spread the love!