Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stich Up

How a sewing machine works. I love stuff like this!


A brief aside (also learned/stolen from driverchris):
"A small nugget that I wasn't aware of; The word countach is an exclamation of astonishment in the Piedmontese language — generally used by men on seeing an extremely beautiful woman. While the term is often considered untranslatable into English, it is essentially equivalent to the British verbalization "Phwoar". Or, it can also be considered the verbal equivalent of a wolf-whistle. Seems appropriate."



Punk said...

if only the english language were creative enough to develop a word that corresponds to an emotion or a reaction. It sure would appease me given that it would rid the world of such internet blasphemes such as LOL, WOOT and WOOP WOOP.

Plus then maybe Australian car manafacturers may stop naming their vehicles after birds. To my knowledge the Falcon does not fly. Just please, don't name a car WOOT.

Dan said...

I would have thought that Chris' "Phwoar" is pretty close in terms of spelling=emotion.

Plus, did you mean this Falcon (which was originally by US GM but that's not the point)?:

What other bird ones are there?

Partially just being pedantic since I know you in 'real' life, but I know what you mean.