Monday, October 12, 2009

Pursuit of Helios

"In the time of the gods, Heracles; driven mad by Hera, slew his own children. To amend his crime, he was given ten labours by his nemesis Eurystheus. In one of his trials, Heracles sought the golden cup of Helios with which he might cross the Mediterranean. For weeks he scoured the Lybian desert, so frustrated with the heat was he that he did fire a volley of arrows at the sun god himself. The retrieval of the arrows from Helios has been left to you .... can you attract the gods favour?

Meet at the Forest of Dreams with your bike at 6pm on Friday the 16th Oct, chase the sun and bring Helios' blessing upon thyself. Excelsior!"

I'll translate that for ya'll: Alleycat, Friday night, be there. Oh yeah, it's in Adelaide.

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