Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Adaptive living

I just came across Big Prototype's changeable dining/coffee table over at swiss miss. I love the clean lines and simple construction of this execution, it also transported me back a few moths to the development stages of our own Confused table:

While both tables share a common initial idea they obviously came from different briefs and requirements. Confused was designed for an exhibition called Dine in the South Australian Museum as part of [X]periment. As the piece could address any aspect of dining we chose to address the changing dining habits, especially those of people with small homes without the space to spare for a dedicated dining table.

The main points of the brief were that the table must seat four diners comfortably, take the minimum possible footprint when in coffee table form, and allow configuration changes by one person with as little fuss as possible.

While I am reasonably happy with the result, I regard it's current form as merely a prototype, as such we are in the throws of addressing some of the issues presented and refining the table.

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