Sunday, May 4, 2008

Dope Shizzz*

*their title not mine.

The folk over at VWvortex have some really interesting pictures threads running, you do have to wade through their bickering and copious amounts for VW and 'Supercar' photos (many of which are genuinely cool) but the pay-off is the great variety of images.

A sampling:


Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

Nice Porsche Shooting Brake.
And thanks for the kind words about Sideburn and the Sideblog. For a while I didn't know if anyone was reading it or not.
Did you buy it in Deus?
Keep in touch and send us anything you think we should put on our blog. We'll cross-ref to you.
We're working on issue 2.
Gary I

Daniel said...

Odd, I wasn't notified of this comment.
I must confess to not being in possession of a copy of SB yet, I've know about it all along but cash has been restrictive with postage. I did see it in Deus when I was in Sydney in April, but cash was even tighter. Now I'm hoping to get issue 1 when issue 2 comes out. Looking forward to it.