Friday, May 16, 2008

Easy CAD?

If this new development from Siemens lives up to it's promises, it really could be as earth shattering as they make it out to be in this promo video (the real interest starts at about the 5min mark, the rest is history and fill).

The advance is called Synchronous Technology, essentially it enables modelling to be independent of parent-child relationships so that future use and possible modifications don't need to be planned for in the initial stage of model building. While on the surface it sounds like a lazy way to model, the benefits further along the life of the model would be immense: no more having to dig back to the base sketch after trying to change one dimension and having a dozen errors show up.

The technology will be incorporated in to the next release of Solid Edge and there are going to be information sessions around Australia in June.

I may have to consider changing my CAD loyalties.

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