Saturday, May 31, 2008

Trusty Steed

Thought I'd post up a couple of images of my trusty steed and ongoing project.
It is my primary transport so I can't afford the luxury of having it off the road for extended periods, as such the modifications thus far have been very mild weekend affairs. The other hindrance is (a non-existant) budget, these factors have limited changes to TRX tail panels, and aftermarket pipe. The most attractive quality of the tail and pipe were price (free) and I had to build the link pipe, battery box, sub-frame and many small parts from scratch but I think they look, and work, reasonably so far.
I will most likely make another sub-frame once I get my hands on a seat to match the tail to the tank ('03 ZX6 seems close) as the first effort was a little rushed and I'd like to incorporate some form of expandable luggage capacity. Along with all the other tasks on the to-do list like ZX10 front end and wheels, design and make all new body etc.....

When it was standard for comparison's sake:

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