Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The invasion continues

Is nothing safe from the space invasion? While I do understand the appeal of this, and quite like it, I'm still a little disappointed that this is essentially just another of the plethora of existing products trading on the "retro" appeal of the Space Invader. I've seen this iconography used in a various different formats and products including jewellery and clothing from many sources (I can think of two separate hoodies alone), along with street art, school assignments and advertising.
While some of these are highly original and at the leading edge, for example the Invader, who not only used the design in a completely new context, he did it with mosaics. Others are merely profiting from memories and the current "cool". Has this become the present day smiley face?

Disclaimer: I fully acknowledge that one of Two Halves products could be lumped into this discussion.

via Monster-Munch

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