Sunday, September 6, 2009

Car Door Ninja

car door ninja

A wise man once likened riding in the city to a long battle, with the red lights acting as a time for regrouping for the next onslaught. This little incident is a good reminder to be aware of you surroundings and to check your flank. Mr Invincible survived to ride another day, the same can't be said about the classic Super Elliots frame.

Careful out there kids, you never know when then next strike will happen.


DoubleOhTwo said...

Jesus! I'm glad the car door ended up worse than Mr Invincible! If he needs a replacement frame, he can have the Speedway frame that's at Pony Bikes. All he has to do is get it over to Adelaide. Be good for it to return to the place of its origin.

Thanks for the word up. We are all students of the street.

Dan said...

I think there are solutions in the pipeline but I'll be sure to pass on your generous offer.

I think that takes his 'real' crash count to 4ish in the last 6 months, the others are mostly motorised though.

Was one of those crazy slow motion moments to watch from behind.