Saturday, September 12, 2009


Here's one for my fellow amateur horologist, Punk over at Piranha Poodles.
I have to agree with BCM in the comments over at SS, the winder does look a little vulnerable without the guard on this one, but love all the details like the numerals, the symbol on the winder, the band fixing, etc, etc...

Panerai via Speed Seekers

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Punk said...

I'm a fan of simple watch design. There is something about a clean looking face. Of course watches like those coming from our eastern friends over in Japan like Futara or Tokyo Time Evolution have their place - and tend to have that 'wow' factor when you seen them.

Still the classic look of a Bell and Ross or Omega can't be beaten for 'sleekness' and functionality - which ultimately is what you're looking for in a time piece.