Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Life Well Wasted

While the podcast: A Life Well Wasted will be of interest to game fanatics like Old Gaulian, it was the graphics by Olly Moss that captured my attention. I love the crispness and the humour shown in the images.

via Kottke


Punk said...

'A life well wasted' is a great podcast - and website for that matter, if not just because Robert Ashley himself is an incredibly smart (and talented) dude. Terribly insightful in the realm of videogames. Of course his music is tops too.

It seems our blogs are coverging more and more every day.

Punk said...

...which actually reminds me, check the below link out for one of my personal favourite images.

May not mean a whole lot to someone not 'in' on the whole gaming thing, but should at least intrigue the designer in you.

Dan said...

must be honest and say that i haven't listened to the podcasts, i have enough stuff I'm interested in without spending the time on extra curricular activities.

I do recognise some of the formats on the periodic table, love the bird's eye view.