Monday, September 7, 2009

Office Party Ghost

monster munch OfficePartyGhost

Might be time to buy another T-shirt: best use of luminescent ink I've seen in clothing!

Brock Davis via Monster Munch


Punk said...

Nice tee. While all these designers are clambering to design something new - sometimes all it takes is some clever graphic design to make an item of clothing special.

There's a t-shirt exhibition or some such thing on here in Melbourne at the moment actually. I'll let you know if I spot anything as good as this.

Dan said...

doesn't that count as having successfully "clambered to design something new"?

On the Melbourne tip: if you haven't already been, go check out Outre Gallery on Eliz St:

Punk said...

maybe it does, but I'm thinking more in terms of design in terms of an entirely new pattern. I'm a big fan of a good tee though.

Yeah that gallery is great, has some great pop art pieces in there too. I work just up the road from it so I walk past it almost daily.