Friday, December 18, 2009

April Fools?

If it were April I would certainly think someone was trying to pull a fast one with each of these three items, at least at first glance.

1. McFancy
A rebranding of McD's for the fashion driven crowd using collaborations with luxury brands and some pretty radical interior design.
This one I have some trouble getting my head around. Fair enough, you can repackage all the traditional McD fare but it's still traditional McD fare, right? I guess it's the sort of thing that would thrive on the novelty of the idea and the limited other options available in its intended location (Pop-ups during fashion weeks), plus the menu has it's appeal as basic get-what-you-expect food.
Maybe I do "get it" after all.
The Cool Hunter

2. $1200US Sponge Bob Helmet
Purveyors of high-end carbon fibre and lambskin open-face motorcycle helmets Les Ateliers Ruby have announced a special edition Sponge Bob helmet in collaboration with Nickelodeon to celebrate the 10th birthday of the lovable yellow sponge and his cohorts.
As one commenter suggests "smells like a PR stunt".... Gee, do ya think? I still have very little doubt that the limited run of 200 will sell pretty quickly.
via Hell For Leather

3. Auto Hammer
This one was one of those " What the...." moments that soon passed after just a little thought. The initial surprise at why anyone would need to automate something as simple as a hammer is quickly dissipated when you think about the close confines that are routinely encountered in carpentry. Add to that problems of lack of light, delicate surfaces, precarious positions and muscle fatigue and it quickly starts to make a great deal of sense.
Via BusinessWeek

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