Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Fuzz


I count myself lucky that our cops are [generally] pretty level headed and just going about their job. Take for example, a recent little suburban red light infraction, sure the parking across the road was overkill, but after her initial vocal greeting the woman on point was courteous and professional.

Contrast that with the ridiculous treatment of some polo players in Milwaukee:
"We were then told by one of the officers that we were being detained but no[one] is under arrest, specifically he said “if you are asked by a cop or employer have you ever been arrested say no”. We were then zipped tied and the officers explained that we would be going downtown to be processed"

via Bike Jerks


Punk said...

I find myself longing for more information on this here post - the story you provide is just a tease.

I trust the cops pulled the handbrake to get the car on such a 'dramatic' angle.

Dan said...

Not much of a story on this really, just a few guys got pulled up for running a red in a pretty quiet suburban street. Siren wailing, they pulled up and parked [sans handbrake alas] at that angle only a few metres short of the junction, stayed like that the whole time they were writing out the tickets. Any traffic had to go on the wrong side of the road at the intersection to get around them.
They gave out their fines and speeches and went on their way [without any indication]