Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wilson Brothers Goodness

I had a few tabs open from the Wilson Brothers, might as well share them in a single post.

I found an image of this six wheel Citroen in a magazine recently, it's a pity we can't see the folding-wing being towed

I'm developing a real affection for mopeds and little bikes of late. I rode a postie recently that nearly killed this affinity, but I'll just put it down to that particular example and continue to lust after this little beauty


Chris said...

It's a Honda Chaly 50cc

Dan said...

Cheers Chris, we were trying to pick it, the frame is very cub-like but shrunk and couldn't place the wheels

Chris said...

Hello Dan,

So it's a Honda Chaly 50 with widened wheels (maybe from G'craft), lowered front fork. And that could be a cooler from Kitaco.