Wednesday, January 13, 2010

High [and low] Art

wall 2

I have an infatuation for street art, I'm always stopping to observe and photograph the 'installations' I find. Here are a few I've shot recently. All are from my Flickr stream


planes on franklin

Tavistock Ln

2 stage: worth a click and a read



Ouistiti said...

I thought of you today whilst I wandered the alleyways of Melbourne city...all the brilliant stencil art, the clever paste ups, the quirky instillations...then my shitty borrowed camera beeped at me, and died. :(

Dan said...

You thought of me? Awww
Yeah I love the art around Melburn, it's not just the lanes either, there is something interesting around every corner.
Now that I've noticed that I can upload on this computer I may have to sift through my shots from over there.
Pity about the camera, at least it's a convenient excuse to get the one you have picked out...

Ouistiti said...

Amazing huh, that I'd think of someone other than myself ;)
It was SO frustrating not having a decent camera with me this visit.
Oh the missed photo opps Dan!
No dramas though, I'll be back soon enough, armed with a fully functioning, digital SLR [hmm, now where am I going to get the $800 I'll need?]

Dan said...

I guess you'll have to sell plenty of cheese [must visit this shop so I'll know what I'm talking about].
I'm still really keen to get a DSLR but it's not even close to the top of the list so it'll have to wait.