Tuesday, January 5, 2010


If anyone reading this is curious about the flurry of post in the last few weeks, the reasons are two fold:

Firstly I'm only employed part time right now so in the time between work, riding, my own projects and life in general, I've been cleaning up my Firefox tabs. Anyone who has seen my browser in recent times can vouch for the downright scary number of pages open at any one time. I've now pared them down to the bare minimum of email accounts, this, Reader and one or two things to chase up. I had to take a screen shot for prosperity. FREEDOM!!

The second is that late in the year I organised to send my computer in for warranty work and am taking the opportunity to start fresh by letting them wipe it clean and clear out all the trash. Hopefully that will solve my uploading issue (the reason I've not put any of my own photography up lately). It's heading out tomorrow so I'll be off the web for a little. I will be working on my back-up computer and checking emails etc, but I'll be leaving the blog mostly untouched for a week or so. I have however scheduled some of the material I had prepared to be posted in my absence.

I also just wanted to thank all of you out there who read my ramblings and view all the stuff I find interesting. I've met some great people directly due to this blog (and the wider blog-o-sphere) and I look forward to meeting the rest of you one day.

Thank you all and may the coming year bring you all you hope of it.



Anonymous said...

Wow Dan the Man,

The blog entry is so deep and profound. Who would've thought it would be you!!??

Interesting yet crazy furnitures. I love those stuff.

See ya around.

Dan said...

if you're anonymous I don't know who I'll see around!