Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blog Neglect

Our Bowerbird stall

The first sign of me being busy is usually my post count, hence my absence from these here parts. My last few weeks have been crazy with paid work, non-paid work, and just life in general.
I've recently fallen into a new job and am now learning all about upholstery from the safe side of the staple gun, I love learning new skills and I have no doubt I'll be able to apply the knowledge into future design projects. Speaking of projects, I had a stand at Bowerbird Bazaar again over the weekend. That event is always great motivation to tie up projects on the go and as such we released a new stool and previewed the prototypes for a new line of hooks. Pictures will come in due time. On top off all that, my sparsely populated social life still manages to keep me surprisingly busy.
Of course I still manage to find time to browse the internet while devouring my breakfast of a morning or while cooling from a ride, so I have the usual overflow of poached material for posts. I've been putting an image or two on flosculation whenever anything appeals, plus brace yourself for a bombardment of hyperlinks over the next few days!
For the moment here are a few random images from the last few weeks. Now I'm off to paint a car.

Got the mountain bike rolling again and went for a blast in the dirt with the boys.

Posted at the request of Dutchdingo

Fun times

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