Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Lake

Vincent Outfit

I headed up to Lake Gairdner with the old boy again last week, this year we merely played spectators due to his streamliner being mid-modification again. While I missed being "part of the action", I still thoroughly enjoyed the short time I spent on and around the salt. There is never a shortage of things to see or people to talk to, this is the beauty of the salt: the never ending demonstrations of good ol' ingenuity and the builder is right there, usually willing to have a chat and talk you through their pride and joy.
If you are even slightly interested in cars, bikes, speed or just the apparent absurdity of going as fast as possible in whatever you have handy, and you have the time to head out there, even if only for a day (as was my case this year: 14 hours travel for 25hours up there) I can't recommend it highly enough!

Ratmuller Ghia

You can see more of my photos, some accompanied by a little information, in my Flickr set here

Lakester and postie


Update: User.One's comment reminded me that I'd been remiss in including the DLRA link for further information and results.


User.One said...

I am about as jealous as it's possible to get. Was Stew Ross there with his SR500?

Dan said...

There was one SR500 that I saw there but didn't chat to the rider so can't say if it was him. Trying to upload an image now but flickr/my web connection is not being cooperative, I'll comment again if/when I succeed.
I'm still waiting to the results to be published on the DLRA forum, that will answer your query.
One result that was remarkable was the home-brewed GT750[1000] that did 200+ last year stepped up with a crazy 233!