Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Protesters have poured over 60 litres of blood in support of the ousted prime minister, Thaksin Shinawatra, the act was touted as a "ritual aimed at bringing down the government".
I'm sure its a strong political statement to many people, but the first thought through my mind when I heard about the steps of the Thai Parliament being doused in donated human blood was "what a waste".
As a cyclist and motorcyclist I recognise and accept that I face a higher chance of accident and injury than those who lead more pedestrian lives, but I don't discount the practicalities of these risks. I'm an advocate for wearing protective gear, for riding safely and for the education of all road users on the vulnerability of those on two wheels. These are the primary preventative measures, yet we will never escape the need for curative measures, this is where we need efficient emergency services, strong heathcare systems and those altruistic enough to donate from their body for their fellow man.
Blood donation is eternally in short supply, so the sight of so much blood being 'wasted' saddens me somewhat. If only we could instil the same passion felt by those who donated for this protest into people in general as a passion to help the rest of their community.
Seek out your nearest blood bank, arrange organ donation, give to charity, every small action helps.

Rant over.


Ouistiti said...

Well said Sir...[and thanks for the reminder!] I've been meaning to return to Pirie st for months to donate blood. Come with me sometime's so much more fun with a friend :)

Punk said...

Here here. As someone who gives blood frequently, I couldn't agree more.

Fay said...

It was very sad to watch the bloods just being wasted. Being an asian myself, i am aware that the blood reserve where i come from is far from adequate. People over there are still need to be motivated to voluntary become a blood donor. Fear, worry with some contagious diseases, no interest, laziness and sometime they just being rejected to be one.Although the health condition is improving.
In registered myself to be a donor, but when the time to donate blood, they said that i got something call thalasemia minor? some kind low blood disorder which very common for us being asian, and thalasemia major for african..but what the heck. i was so devo to find out that I couldnt do one. I guess I still can do something else..mmmm perhaps visit one of the depot and bring some spring rolls ..yummy!!

Solid_7 said...

Here's a nice read for all those that have rare blood, or are unable to give blood.
blood substitute/ artificial blood.
Have come along way since this was published, almost ready for use I believe, but in sure some idiot group will come along and ban is out of ignorance.

I've never given blood, i'm naughty

Fay said...

finally, back home and use the internet again, i was so flat out work over there and didn't even think about taking my laptop,but the trip to WA was awesome, and got a chance to watch the surfing competition in MRiver.
Solid_7 - will give my blood if I can :), naughty people still deserve blood donation.

Dan said...

Finally got around to donating last night. Thanks for the friendly reminders Ouistiti