Sunday, March 21, 2010

Look Mum, I'm On TV

The children show, Totally Wild, were at the Australian Hard Court Polo Championships back in November and the episode finally aired the other day. It features an interview with Damon, Caff and others and includes plenty of great footage from the first day. My team: Ivan Mallet, is in there quite often too, Neil's advanced crashing skills are captured nicely along with some close tackling, so keep any eye out for the white shirts [black wheel cover in my case].

Come play polo!

Adelaide Bike Polo


Punk said...

No doubt you will be an idol to all those pre-teen adolescents growing up. Just try and steer them away from Twilight, okay?

Dan said...

Why should they not be out at twilight? The poor visibility? The random pitch-fork lynchings?

Punk said...

I am fully supportive of twilight as a general time frame, despite its negative connotation to these t-shirts all the kids are wearing these days. In fact most of my skating was probably done during twilight hours - often accompanied by pitch fork lynchings by westfield security guards.