Thursday, January 15, 2009

Unloading tabs #2

Another load of 'stuff' I've had sitting around for too long:

Vintage Design

I've got a real soft spot for 'old' design and The Dieline have posted some classics of "soda pop" packaging


Some brilliantly simple, and presumably extremely durable and fun toy vehicles by Floris Hovers
via the cool hunter


Great use of repeated form to create texture, inside and out, on the fa├žade of the Maison Biscuit by Pierre Minassia
below the clouds

Photo of mysterious origins

Great shot found on the brilliant .BCM blog

THE Online Museum

The online museum of online museums including such gems as The Motel Sign Museum, Vintage Finnish Pulp Paperback Gallery,
and the Gallery of Sawn in Half Cameras

An interesting article on freelance charging on Coroflot. It is design specific, but applicable to all forms of freelancers

A justification for procratination

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