Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mopar Finds

I was trawling through 'the bay' one night browsing for parts for my car, among the loads of over-priced tat I happened upon these select few noteworthy items:

Blue Hardtop

Original owner's manual, I love the layout on this but the 'L' bugs me.

Injected Hemi 6, if only I had a spare 5k to splurge on this jewel, it would be around three times the output, yet much less fuel than the anchor that currently resides in the engine bay.

There were also a set of drop spindles that I followed until they surpassed my ceiling of $550 (last I heard they were ~$750 new). They turned into a good example of the economic principle of Supply and Demand: they sold for $1125! They are still made new but are currently out of stock until mid 2009 hence the tall price.

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