Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Geep: inspiration

There are many areas of bike design and culture that I'm a big fan of but the Geep is most likely to be influenced and inspired by the following:

didn't record the source.

flying dutchman


JVB moto

Chico Moto via Church of Choppers


another lost reference

otto nero

This is of course just a small selection of the bikes and images that are swimming around in my head as I plan parts and cuts.


BCM said...

The Green KZ400 was built by Troy @

Daniel said...

Thanks BCM. I've been following his blog (and yours) for a while but my photo source had been recorded as CoC, I've edited it in now.
Looking forward to seeing the Fingertight FL evolve.

JF Sebastian / Ysterkvisten said...

The two cb750s are from Lovely bikes.
I have them in my blog too.

Plenty more at my album at

// Ysterkvisten

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

It's all gone quiet on the Jeep front... GI

D said...

Too true G, the Geep hasn't developed much of late, thats the price of 7 day work weeks and 40C+ days! Some choices have been made and more materials gathered though. There will need to be a trash on it over the next few weeks as there is a trip planned soon.

D said...

Ysterkvisten: thanks for the reminder on the CBs. You've got some great pics in the stream, i'll be harvesting a few for the collection.