Sunday, January 4, 2009

UnloadingTabs #1

I've been neglecting this blog for a while, we all know how it is; work, holiday season, the hell of setting up a new computer etc, so now I have loads of content waiting on the wings. I'm not a big fan of dumping images or links up with no real input, but I have a bad habit of collecting Firefox tabs and I just need to clear them out. They tend to be articles I've not had time to read, image collections I've not gotten around to saving, information to inform others of, or material for posts I've not yet composed. It's practice that hurts productivity in various ways so now I'm going to start dumping them into mass posts.
Starting with this lot:

Stencil 101 book


Show Me How - 500 Thing You Should Know


Road Trip Rig

Brilliant motor home built by a group of guys with no experience but loads of determination.
via Japanese Nostalgic Car

Vader Project

via Speed Junkies

Street Corners

Collection of shots showing every street corner in Manhattan, it's all about the contrast!
Richard Howe via Kottke

Golden Submarine

It's all about the details.
via Speed Hunters, Cardomain

The Beast

"Exotics" generally don't interest me all that much but this Lambo just looks ready to maim.
Bad Cop Donuts

Natural Leather

There's just something special about the way it ages
Tanner Goods

Aaron Hayes

Very interesting interview with designer come frame builder Aaron Hayes of Courage Bicycles

Cannondale Bicycle Stealth

Below the Clouds


Ludicrous 15 series tyre!
Reading on career, cash and happiness.
Interesting yet divergent architecture theories; aluminium and concrete, both.
Video showing the is beauty in the production of Eames chairs.
Nixon nails the details yet again.

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