Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Kind Of Insanity: Speed Boat

Crazy little boat with a big engine (of unknown origin to me). Check out how short the hull is!

via Ze Last Chance Garage du 7/8


Mick said...

It looks like a Johnson or Evinrude powerhead circa late 70's to early 80's strapped to some sort of Quick foot (Condor maybe?) with of course powerpipes hanging off the left hand side!

When I was an Outboard Aprentice I tried to get my Boss to fund a racing career and my weapon of choice would have been very similar to the picture but He Baulked and it fizzeled to a dream!

Shame cos it looks like it would Fly!

cheers, Mick. '-))

Dan said...

Now could be the time to fulfil they dreams of youth, no doubt there are a few of these rotting away in sheds around the traps. Maybe jet powered...