Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stellan Egeland Harrier

This BMW R1200S based custom is the work of Stellan Egeland of SE Service, he has produced some amazingly detailed bikes in the last couple of years and this build continues the quality, but changes the style dramatically. Nothing about the bike (ok, apart from the air filters) looks less considered than a factory concept, the seat and front swing arm are works of art.

The only feature that stands out to me in a negative way is the steering head. While I can guess at some of the decisions behind the design it jst looks like it has been placed artifically high. That said, I suspect the high angle of the photo is exagerating the point and for all I know it was a necessity of the suspension design.

He has also played a part in releasing this Rocket III, thus far the only R3 I've seen that looks more like a bike than a phallic symbol.

via Church of Choppers, otto nero,, The Kneeslider

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DoubleOhTwo said...

I agree 100% re the R3, has been the only time I've looked twice at the damn things... that one is SWEET! Maybe a tan leather seat...