Tuesday, February 9, 2010

5 Dangerous Things For Kids

Here's a bit of a left field one. This is a video I saw long ago and recall watching it and mentally ticking the box corresponding to each 'dangerous' activity he suggested.

I'm so glad I grew up in a time when we could go down to the park without much worry about going missing, play in the dirt and not need to be sanitised, or experiment with fire without the concern about being a pyromaniac. The thing is that nothing has really changed other then media sensationalism, and hence attitudes, laws and insurance liabilities.

Kids should be kids. Child rearing is not a challenge I intend to face any time in the foreseeable future, but when I do I can pretty much guarantee they will climb trees, get dirty and hurt themselves. That's how I learnt and I wouldn't think of depriving them of that privilege.


Ouistiti said...

Damn you, you write so well.
This is one of my fave pieces yet [perhaps cos it has a bit more'heart'] :)

Dan said...

Writing is hard.
Mainly it takes time, and as I generally don't like to publish prose that are boring or 'flat', I tend to keep the words to a bare minimum. I think that is still the case here, it's just that the minimum required more.
Feel free to edit me. Once you are trained of course. ;)

Ouistiti said...

Oh don't you worry, just as you enjoy observing spelling and grammatical errors, I enjoy editing other people's work in my head... ;)

BaggedMITSU said...

Great post! But, I have kids and this kind of made me cringe! No way I would give my 5 year old a pocket knife lol.

Dan said...

Fair enough! Theories are all well and good, but there are always variations in practice.
I don't recall when I received [or more likely found] my first pocket knife, it was probably around that time. A tiny little thing with a blade about 30mm long and had been my grandpa's. I should track that down someday.

Anonymous said...

well, being a parent myself, i have been trying not to worry so much about my lil one but you can't help it. this days people do crazy things. yeah, we are the lucky one..