Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yep, I'm OK

It always seems to be the cautious ones who cause me trouble.
Following along behind, trying to figure out why they're driving so slowly, there are no hazards right now, other than them and I. Are they about to pull in? Are they waiting for me to pass? All the while my patience is growing thinner.
This is the city, domain of hurried taxis, white van men, and oblivious shoppers. This is no place for a country drive. One must be assertive, anticipate the next move, make your own space. This is a land where caution and courtesy cause confusion.
They've had their space, it's time to make a move. They'll go around the waiting van and I'll go around them. Plenty of time, more than enough space, no traffic coming the other way.
Their overdeveloped sense of caution kicks in again, and bites me in the ass.
The country driver stops for the van who has already stopped for them.
I don't stop or turn fast enough.
It's one of those slow motion moments that we dread but relish when they occur. Savouring every surprisingly clear and lucid thought as it passes. Am I sure there was no traffic coming, better get up and out of the way. I'm already unclipped, that's surprising but convenient. That was a familiar movement, oh yeah, polo crashes, roll with it. My fault. All before fully hitting the ground.
Jump up and straighten out myself and the bike.
Yep, I'm OK.


Punk said...

so hang on, you're dead?....

User.One said...

Chicks dig scars, hope nowt to serious.

Dan said...

Yep, I'm OK.
The crash itself wasn't particularly note worthy. I blame my mate D for writing this account as we'd been talking about creative writing the evening before, this seemed like a good opportunity to lay down a few sentences.

Punk said...

No, it was a nice little story. As someone that tends to write TOO MUCH on TOO LITTLE, you got your point across. Although a diagram on a napkin with some arrows illustrating what actually happened wouldn't go astray.

Ouistiti said...

Nicely written Mister.
Perhaps you'll consider submitting it to The Time I project...[I think it would fit in nicely]
huh? huh? ;)

Dan said...

You're just looking for an opportunity to edit me! Take it as submitted.
I might even provide a napkin sketch to illustrate the situation.

Boony said...

Nice photo Dan - one of yours I think? I hope you weren't taking that just before the accident :) Nicely written - sums up "commuting with cars" frustration very nicely.

Dan said...

Yeah, that's one of my photos, with the old bar set-up and in cool weather going by the bulky looking shadow.
No I wasn't taking any photos at the time of the crash, but it only just occurred to me that me camera was strapped to the outside of my bag when I hit the deck. Seems to work still luckily.